Our adoption policy and procedure

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescue dogs/cats. We take our responsibility in placing our dogs/cats with new families very seriously.  We make a commitment to every dog/cat to find their forever home where they will be safe, secure and loved for the rest of their life. We also make a commitment to prospective adopters to help them find the most compatible companion for their home, lifestyle and level of experience.

The following criteria have been written to help prospective adopters understand our requirements for adopting a dog/cat and our adoption procedure. This helps to ensure a successful adoption and the start of a new and fulfilling relationship, maximising the chance of it being a long and happy one.

A rescue dog/cat will rarely settle in within a few hours or days of bringing it home. Some of our dogs/cats have never been treated with kindness and compassion and they need time and patience to settle. If you cannot offer this then a rescue dog/cat is not for you.

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption based on what we believe to be in the best interests of the dog/cat and/or the prospective adopters.

Our adoption criteria cover key requirements, but we realise there are always exceptions and we are happy to discuss any questions you may have.

Please take the time to read through our adoption policy to ensure you meet the criteria to adopt a Stronger Together animal.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee either the age or the breed (or breeds) of a dog/cat. 

Our adoption criteria


Your home

Your lifestyle

Resident dogs/cats

Adopting more than one dog/puppy at a time

Your new dog/cat

Support and change of circumstances

Adoption Process

Step 1 – Choosing a dog/cat

You can browse our available animals on our adopt page or contact us at adoption@staradopt.org to have a chat about the sort of dog/cat you are looking for. We can then ‘match’ you to the right dog/cat and provide information about them.  Alternatively you can see the dogs and cats we are currently looking to home on our facebook group.

Step 2 – Applying for a dog/cat

If you find a dog/cat you would like to offer a home to, please complete the linked adoption application form for that dog/cat or complete a general application form. 

Once your application is submitted, we will do our best to get back to you within ten days. Many of our dogs/cats get a huge amount of applications so if your application isn’t successful the first time please keep checking our Facebook group and website as there are always other amazing dogs/cats that need loving homes too.

Step 3 – Home check and videos

As soon as possible after you have been successful in your application for a dog/cat we will ask you to provide videos of your home and garden to support your application. If these are suitable for the dog/cat you are applying for, we will then arrange for one of our Guardians or Trustees to contact you to arrange either a home visit or a time to conduct a virtual home check. This is nothing to worry about, we just want to ensure that your home is suitable for the dog/cat you have applied for. You will be asked some standard questions and the STAR representative will take a brief look around your home and garden, either physically or virtually.

Step 4 – The outcome

We will contact you as soon as possible after your home visit / virtual home check, usually within 24 hours, to confirm the outcome. If you have been successful we will send you an adoption contact to sign (a copy is available on our website).

Step 5 – Reserving your dog/cat

After you have been approved and you have signed your adoption contract you can reserve your dog/cat by paying a minimum adoption donation.  For dogs arriving from Cyprus this is £225.00 for an adult dog, £165 for a puppy or £50 for a cat.  Further transportation fees are due later too (these are covered in Step 6).

The minimum donation for dogs being rehomed in the UK from a previously failed adoption is £450.

Donations can be sent via PayPal (please use friends and family option) to adoption@staradopt.org (please ensure you state your dog/cat’s name in the notes); OR by bank transfer to our UK Metro Bank A/C (using the dog/cat’s name as the payment reference):

Stronger Together Animal Rescue | Sort code: 23-05-80 | Account Number: 17429043

This adoption donation ensures that no-one else can reserve or apply for your dog/cat.

Your donation forms a contribution towards the costs accrued during preparation for travel to the UK. Prior to leaving Cyprus, your dog will have had clear results from the following tests:  




All our dogs are blood tested for Leishmania (a disease common in Mediterranean countries) prior to travel. It is possible that dog which return a negative result before travel may already be infected. It can remain dormant for several years with no clinical signs or symptoms. Stress factors can cause the Leishmania to become active. Dogs can be treated effectively & live a happy life, with daily medication. It is wise to blood-test the dog at least once a year for a couple of years. The test should be done sooner, of course, if any symptoms of Leishmaniasis are noted. Cases are extremely rare, but they can occur years after travel. Please ensure you have your dog fully covered by pet insurance. 

Note:  Where necessary, dogs will also receive CBC analysis, biochemical analysis, treatment for ear infections, teeth cleaning (and extractions when needed), x-rays, operations and any other vet care. These will be advised on a dog per dog basis.

Step 6 – Your new family member

Once your adoption donation and signed contract has been received, if your dog/cat is travelling from Cyprus you will be asked for the transport costs for your dog/cat 10 days or so before they are due to travel.  For dogs arriving from Cyprus the minimum donation towards their transportation fluctuates but is currently running at approximately £525. The minimum donation for cats is £150.

We will confirm the date your dog/cat will arrive in the UK and provide you with further details on how this will be arranged.

Step 7 – Flight and arrival

Following confirmation of the arrival/flight date you will be added to the ‘flight chat’ on Messenger (usually a week before arrival). This allows you to ‘meet’ other adopters and to receive flight details and where you will be required to collect your dog/cat e.g. directly from an airport or by meeting our pet courier at a pre-arranged point. You will be sent guidance about collecting and settling your dog/cat in which includes the need to bring a slip lead for dogs to the collection point.

Step 8 – Microchip registration

All our dogs/cats are microchipped prior to travel, and are registered under our charity with PETtrac, for their safety at the point of entry to the UK.  We also register them to you before they travel. The cost is £20.00 and payment must be submitted within 14 days of arrival.

Step 9 – Together Forever

We ask adopters to keep in touch with us and join our Facebook group ‘Together Forever’ where are families can post photographs of their new family members. A member of our Rescue Back Up Team will also be in touch to ensure you have a point of contact if you have any questions, or you can contact us at rbu@staradopt.org.

Thank you for changing the world for your dog, forever.