STAR Dog Adoption Policy and Procedure

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our rescue dogs. We take our responsibility in placing our dogs with new families very seriously.  We make a commitment to every dog to find their forever home where they will be safe, secure and loved for the rest of their life. We also make a commitment to prospective adopters to help them find the most compatible companion for their home, lifestyle and level of experience.

The following criteria have been written to help prospective adopters understand our requirements for adopting a dog and our adoption procedure. This helps to ensure a successful adoption and the start of a new and fulfilling relationship, maximising the chance of it being a long and happy one.

A rescue dog will rarely settle in within a few hours or days of bringing it home. Most of our dogs have never been treated with kindness and compassion and they need time and patience to settle. If you cannot offer this then a rescue dog is not for you.

We reserve the right to refuse any adoption based on what we believe to be in the best interests of the dog and/or the prospective adopters.

Our adoption criteria cover key requirements, but we realise there are always exceptions and we are happy to discuss any questions you may have. Where we make an exception to our key requirements agreement must be documented and signed by at least two Trustees.

Please take the time to read through our adoption policy to ensure you meet the criteria to adopt a STAR dog.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee either the age or the breed (or breeds) of a dog. 

Our adoption criteria


  • The applicant must be the homeowner or named on the leasehold or tenancy agreement.

  • We require everyone in the home that will be living with the new dog to be in agreement about the adoption. This is a big decision and a big commitment for everyone and it is important to make sure it is what everyone really wants and will commit to. Don’t forget to consider the feelings of any existing animals in the home.

  • Prospective adopters must be at least 24 years of age. For senior adopters we may proceed on the understanding that a family member will take the dog if you become unable to care for it.

  • We are unable to consider homes with children under 5: with children of 5-10 we are only able to offer a puppy of under 6 months.

  • We do not place dogs in homes with an unneutered resident dog unless this has not been done for medical reasons

  • We are unable to consider homes where a member of the household is pregnant.

  • We do not home a dog if you are about to move house or go on holiday. We will home a dog to you once you have moved homes or returned from holiday.

  • Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment (10-18 years in the case of a puppy); please ensure you can take on the care of a dog, both practically and financially, before deciding to submit your application.

Your home

  • We require the completion of a home visit or virtual home check in order to confirm the suitability for homing.

  • If you live in rented accommodation we will need to see written permission from the landlord which states ownership of dogs is permitted, prior to approval of adoption.

  • We require you to have a secure rear garden with a minimum 6 foot fence depending on the type of dog; and also to ensure any hazards e.g. swimming pools/ponds etc. are protected.

  • We are unable to consider flats/apartments for our dogs unless on the ground floor with DIRECT access to a secure garden.

  • We require that our dogs primarily live inside with their families and receive adequate exercise and attention. We do not let dogs go to homes where they are kept outdoors in kennels, gardens or runs.

Your lifestyle

  • If you are homing a puppy we ask that you commit to taking time at home initially to settle them in.

  • The length of time older dogs can be left varies according to the dog in question. We will allow certain dogs to be adopted by full-time workers where specified in their adoption application. However, you must make arrangements for someone to visit during the day such as a dog walker/sitter. If the dog has been in a foster home it means that we do have an idea how each dog reacts to being left for certain periods of time. If the dog is coming directly from kennels we cannot be so precise.

  • We do not allow our dogs to be adopted into working homes (i.e. hunting), or into homes where they will be used as a guard dog or for breeding. However, we do encourage people to apply for dogs that would excel with a ‘job’ to do such as agility, flyball and Cani-x.

Resident dogs

  • We prefer not to rehome dogs to homes where resident dogs are un-neutered/un-spayed, unless they are senior and/or there is a medical reason. We will consider this on a case-by-case basis.

  • Resident dogs must be fully vaccinated or titer tested.

Your new dog

  • We recommend that your dog is registered with a vet and visits the vet within 5 days of being homed for a health check-up.

  • We require you to keep your new arrival on your property for the first ten days after the adoption.

  • Any dog old enough will be neutered/spayed by us. If you are homing a puppy you will be required to have the puppy neutered/spayed once old enough.

  • We strongly recommend that you have a full pet insurance in place. Should you choose not to take out pet insurance, it is a condition of adoption, that any future medical needs will not be restricted in anyway due to personal finances.

  • If homing a puppy we will strongly recommend you join a puppy socialisation class.

  • For adult dogs we strongly encourage you to attend positive and reward-based training classes.

  • We want your dog to settle in to your home as quickly as possible, but some do take longer than others, so please be patient. We do not want dogs returned within a few days of adoption. You will not see the true character for possibly weeks to several months. Your dog needs time to get to know their new family and new home and to recover from their transition. You will be sent further guidance on this.

  • We recommend that you take some time off work to settle in your new dog. As a guideline, during the first week your new arrival should not be left on their own, allowing time to bond and gain trust.

  • There may be additional requirements specific to each individual dog and their needs. These things will be discussed with you if you place an application for adoption with us. 

Support and change of circumstances

  • We are all volunteers, so please be understanding with our time limitations.

  • We will maintain contact with you and offer support as needed to help with the dog’s transition.

  • We will stay in touch with you, and retain the right to also carry out a further visit to your home after the dog is placed, as a follow up check. We have the right to remove the dog from your care if your circumstances have changed to the degree that they no longer meet our rehoming criteria and, as such, would fail any future follow up home checks.

  • The dog will remain the property of Stronger Together Animal Rescue and the adopter will be the guardian/keeper who is responsible for the complete welfare of the dog. We must be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and the dog returned to one of our volunteers where required. Our dog must never be handed over to any UK Rescue. We always accept the return of our dogs and will endeavour to rehome them accordingly.


Adoption Process

 Step 1 – Choosing your dog

You can browse the dogs on this site or contact us at [email protected] to have a chat about the sort of dog you are looking for. We can then ‘match’ you to the right dog and provide information about them. Alternatively you can have a look at our Facebook Group

Once your application is submitted, we will do our best to get back to you within ten days. Many of our dogs get a huge amount of applications so if your application isn’t successful the first time please keep checking our Facebook group and website as there will be other beautiful dogs that you would be happy to give a home to.

Step 2 – Home check & videos

We aim to have a home check carried out by one of our volunteers as soon as possible after you have been successful in your application for a dog, ideally within 2 weeks. We will ask you to provide videos of your home and garden to support your application. We will then arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you to arrange either a visit or a time to conduct a virtual home check. This is nothing to worry about, we just want to ensure that your home is suitable for the dog in question. You will be asked some standard questions and the volunteer will take a brief look around your home and garden, either physically or virtually.

Step 3 – The outcome

We will contact you as soon as possible after your home visit, usually within 24 hours, to confirm the outcome. We then require you to enter into a contract with us (a copy is available on our website).

Step 4 – Reserving your dog

After you have been approved and sent a contract you can reserve your dog by paying a minimum adoption donation of £175.00 for an adult dog and £115 for a puppy. This can be sent via PayPal (friends and family option) to [email protected] (please ensure you state your dog’s name in the notes); OR by transfer to our UK Metro Bank A/C (dog’s name as the payment reference):

Stronger Together Animal Rescue | Sort code: 23-05-80 | Account Number: 17429043

This ensures that no-one else can reserve or apply for your dog.

Your donation forms a contribution towards the costs accrued during preparation for travel to the UK. Prior to leaving Cyprus, your dog will have had clear results from the following tests: Snap 4Dx which tests for exposure to pathogens that cause Heartworm disease, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and Anaplasmosis; Leishmania snap test.  Your dog will also have dog/puppy vaccines as well as rabies vaccine, microchip, deworming pills, neutering/spaying (if old enough), tick flea treatment, fit-to-fly examination, EU-pet passport and import forms.

All our Dogs are blood tested for Leishmania (a disease common in Mediterranean countries) prior to travel. It is possible that dogs which return a negative result before travel may already infected. It can remain dormant for several years with no clinical signs or symptoms. Stress factors can cause the Leishmania to become active. Dogs can be treated effectively and live a happy life, with daily medication. It is wise to blood-test the dogs at least once a year for a couple of years. The test should be done sooner, of course, if any symptoms of Leishmaniasis are noted. Cases are extremely rare, but they can occur years after travel. Please ensure you have your dog fully covered by pet insurance.

Step 5 - Your new family member

On successful application you will be asked for the transport costs for your dog, we’ll send you your contract and we will confirm the date your dog will fly/arrive and provide you with further details on how this will be arranged.

On successful application you will be asked for the transport costs for your dog before they are due to travel.  For dogs arriving from Cyprus the cost of transportation fluctuates but is currently £525. We will confirm the date your dog will fly/arrive and provide you with further details on how this will be arranged.

Step 6 – Flight and arrival

Following confirmation of the arrival/flight date you will be added to the ‘flight chat’ on messenger (usually a week before arrival). This allows you to ‘meet’ other adopters and to receive flight details and where you will be required to collect your dog e.g. directly from an airport or by meeting our pet courier at a pre-arranged point. You will be sent guidance about collecting and settling your dog in which includes the need to bring a slip lead to the collection point.

Step 7 – Microchip registration

All our dogs are microchipped prior to travel, and are registered under our charity with PETtrac, for their safety at the point of entry to the UK.  It is a legal requirement that you update the registration with your own details, and keep it up-to-date, by completing our Microchip form and returning it to us by following the instruction on the form included.  The cost is £20.00 and form and payment must be submitted prior to arrival.

Step 8 – Together Forever

We ask adopters to keep in touch with us and join our Facebook group ‘Together Forever’ where our families can post photographs of their new family members. A member of our Rescue Back Up Team will also be in touch to ensure you have a point of contact if you have any questions.


Thank you for changing the world for your dog, forever.