🤍Meet Lefkos🤍, the cat tenor 🎼!
A meaow that captivates hearts!
Lefkos is a deaf kitty from both ears and had managed to get himself in trouble often. He used to live in a big colony and kept being attacked by the other cats. One day they found him with his guts out, and he was operated. This singer pulled through against all odds but it was decided that his survival in his previous location would be jeopardised. Aaaand that’s how he ended up in our crazy kitty room. 🙈
Lefkos, although at the moment shares his space with 2 more kitties, needed some time to get along with them. Oddly enough he shows no fear of dogs no matter how big they are and he finds it more difficult to adjust with cats (probably because he was attacked by them).
Don’t be fooled by his beautiful looks. Lefkos has lots of energy being only a kitten still. Ugh we can’t hide it, Lefkos is super naughty.
He loves giving you random scares so he climbs to the highest spot; he loves zoomies; he also make sure that your hearing is good so he will play with the loudest toy he has at 2-3 am (which however his oblivious about to his defense).
So if you are looking for a kitty that will keep you alert, creative, and send the best photos at a group chat with cat-parents friends then Lefkos is for you.
He is very curious about everything and has no sense of danger which puts him in trouble very often. His loving personality though offsets all that. He looooves cuddles and no day will go by without making you laugh.
Lefkos needs:
✅An indoor only home, with cat proof garden / balcony as he has no sense of danger.
✅Preferably as an only cat although he will adjust with other cats after 1-2 weeks.
❤️He has his passport ready to travel, he is fully vaccinated, negative blood test for FIV/FELV, microchipped and neutered.
He is currently in Cyprus and looking for a home in Cyprus , EU or UK.
Please share for this boy to find his forever home 🙏

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More About Lefkos

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: White
  • Breed: British Shorthair
  • Age: 11 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Yes
  • Can live with dogs: Yes
  • Can live with children: Yes
  • Adoption Coordinator: Melina Kyriakou

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