πŸ“ Kent, UK

Bruce is a handsome 4 year old 27kg golden Lab x pointer.
He’s currently in a home in Kent.

Bruce is a lively four year old Labrador Pointer. He is golden with some white mottling. He has incredibly soft fur that just has to be stroked.

Likes: Bruce is scent orientated and loves his snuggle mat and liver cake hidden in grass on dog walks. He also loves Kongs and soft toys. He enjoys being in the garden and outside, but is equally happy inside by the fire.

Dislikes: at first Bruce was scared of the hoover but has overcome this. There is generally nothing else he dislikes, although there are particular dogs he will bark at when walking through the town - a grey poodle in particular.

Lead work: Bruce can pull on a standard lead, but by using a harness with the lead attached to the breast attachment he will not pull, no matter what the situation.
Food: Bruce is his optimum weight of 27kg. He is fed 3 x per day on James wellbeloved, his snacks for scent work is liver cake.

Recall: recall is good, and it is better with his main human than the dog walker or other members of the family. He can bolt after a bird or if he sees another walker and it is difficult to get him back.

Cats: Bruce was introduced to our two rescue cats gently. He did chase them at times but has never shown any aggression towards them. They now live together happily.

Family: Bruce is exceptionally friendly. He gets very excited when the door knocks but he will not jump up when told not to, and he has shown no aggression towards family and friends, in fact quite the opposite. Having older children he has not come into contact with younger children.

Other dogs: Bruce is very friendly with other dogs but here is where his issues relate. He greets dogs with relish when on a walk, and is not aggressive when a friends dog visits. He does struggle with sharing and when he is fixated on something he reacts with no warning. Humans can take something away from him, or walk near him when he is engrossed, but other dogs cannot. His resource guarding can be of food wrappers, mud - seldom toys.

Home: Bruce ate anything and everything when he arrived with us - sofas, cushions, wooden spoons, anything. He seldom chews anything now, and can be trusted with full access to the house. He will try and get food left on the counter, but only when left unaccompanied and he is part lab. He has never tried to snatch food from us and will sit and stay when he is fed. He is a very very clean boy. He will tap the door when he needs to go out, and does not bark excessively. When we first had him he would try and bolt out of the door whenever it was opened, but he no longer does this. He likes sleeping in his bed, under a table if you are eating, or generally in the vicinity of where you are.

Personality: Bruce is a laugh out loud dog. He has an incredibly expressive face, is super friendly, loves games and loves people. He is a very positive boy, and the family saying is that people should β€œbe more Bruce” in their approach to life.

Issues: He struggles with resource guarding so Bruce needs a home as an only dog.

If you would like to register your interest in Bruce please complete the application form.

Bruce is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.
Home check and UK adoption fee applies.

🏑 Bruce needs a home with a secure, private garden
πŸ• Bruce needs to be an only dog in the home
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Bruce can live with children over 10 years old
🐈 Bruce can live with a dog-savvy cat with careful introductions
🧠 Bruce is a smart lad and benefits from training - he particularly enjoys scentwork

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More About Bruce

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 3 years 2 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Must be an only dog
  • Can live with children: Over 12
  • Adoption Coodinator: Paula Fletcher

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