Skyla- Maude- foster in Rugby

Maude (currently in the Warwickshire area )

Maude , 2.7 years old, beautiful Pointer Cross girl, looking for her forever home.
Maude , originally a rescue dog from Cyprus, was adopted in the UK two years ago. Unfortunately, due to the personal circumstances of her adoptive family , we need to find Maud a new home.

This is what her existing family has to say about her :
She is the most beautiful gentle girl at home. She is a princess. She's a proper sofa loafer, loves her comforts :)
Likes: jumping very high. Pulling fluff out of soft toys. Chewing fast on squeaky toys. Bones, bones, bones. Hiding bones under pillows. Chewing bones on your lap.
She will chase anything that runs, so beware around squirrels, rabbits, cats, and sheep.
She loves going in the car and will have her head on your shoulder to see where she’s going. She will bite through her seat belt if it is too restricting. She likes to stick her head out of the window with her ears flapping.
She likes playing fetch, but mainly indoors. Outside she is too interested in other things to play with a ball or stick for very long.
She mainly has walks in open fields and woods. She loves disappearing into the undergrowth to root around. She comes back when called but usually from the opposite direction you expect.
She loves meeting other dogs on her walks, but doesn’t really understand if they don’t want to play or chase her, so has to be reminded to come away in certain circumstances.
She occasionally has lead walks, and can still pull, just because she’s so excited and curious. She behaves well in restaurants and cafes.

Sleeping alone. Can make an ungodly row until she can lie on your bed. She’s a destroyer of crates. She snores.
The rain, walks in the rain and going out to the toilet in the rain.
Being bathed, but does for some reason jump into the bath when it’s empty. Will have a mad half hour after a bath.

Eats: pets at home kibble, with tinned fish as an addition now and then.

Maude been tested positive on a low level of leishmaniasis . It is under control with allopurinol and does not affect her health.

Maude is very affectionate and loves people.
Can be left for a couple of hours, but is used to having a human around most of the time.
She knows how to ring a bell at the back door to go out :)

Maude will be suitable to an active family, rural location with a secure garden, children if any over 12 years old due to her excitement .
If you think you can provide loving home for Maude please send PM for more information about adoption.

Rescue back up by Stronger Together Animal Rescue (STAR) a UK registered charity , registration number 1168941

Adoption fee and home check apply.

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More About Skyla- Maude- foster in Rugby

  • Sex: Female
  • Colour: Black - with White
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 2 years 11 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: No
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Can live with a resident dog or alone
  • Can live with children: Over 12
  • Adoption Coodinator: Vasilisa Russo

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