Ralf - Shepherd pup

Our little miracle Malinois pup and her sibling Kiki were found in a discarded chicken food bag next to a pile of stinking rubbish off the beaten track. There were 3 siblings but unfortunately the other sibling did not survive. They were found with their umbilical cords still attached so no more than a few hours old. Luckily for these babies they were found by a person walking to his car just in time and they went straight into the loving care of Suzie and Lee to foster and they have nurtured ´┐╝and hand reared the pups. They are now 14 weeks old and just had their 3rd vaccination.
Ralf weighs nearly 10 kg and Kiki 9 kg.
They are going to be big dogs 25 - 30 kg fully grown and being Malinois will need to be homed to people that have past experience with the breed or similar.
Malinois are very intelligent and need training and lots of stimulation.
We can only except applications from experienced owners and no children under 10 due to their size.
Anyone interested in offering either Kiki and Ralf a loving forever home please please the information in the link below
Worth a read if anyone is thinking of owning a malinois or a malinois cross.
They not only need physical exercise but a high level of mental stimulation to maintain a balanced dog.
They are great a scent work, man trailing, agility, and problem solving.

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More About Ralf - Shepherd pup

  • Sex: Unknown
  • Colour: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
  • Age Group: Puppy
  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Age: 18 weeks.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Can live with a resident dog or alone
  • Can live with children: Yes
  • Adoption Coodinator: Paula Fletcher

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