In foster in Weddington area UK

Simon is a majestic 5 year old, mixed breed, who has thrived since arriving to his foster home in the UK, he has gained all his weight, his fur is full and shines just like he does

This is what his foster has to say about him

What to say what to say, I just love him.
At home he likes to play for a bit, chew his toys, and blanket, plays football,
Once he has had a good play then he is happy to rest, he has his favourite spots in the garden to sleep. In the sun and in the shade.
He eats better now with the slow feeder.
He is a very friendly dog with people, loves to go up to anyone and everyone to get a fuss, and he always does, people always comment on how good he is, how friendly, how good looking he is.
He used to growl at every dog on a walk but now it is down to 1 in every 4 id say. He’s definitely becoming more chilled. Loves to sniff on a walk, does not look where he is going, nose down sniffing all the time.
He will be fine in a home with teenagers, or children over 10 years old, as long as they know he may jump up when excited.

And definitely loves to play, with balls, chews, ropes, blankets, he’s just the best. I love him.

He is quite strong now, so he can pull on a lead, if he sees something of interest so he is getting constant training and improving
He does travel well in the car.
He is chilled in the house, happy and also loves spending time in the garden.
I really have a great bond with him.
He needs stimulation every 4-5 hours and this keeps him focus and content

Simon needs an experienced home with larger breeds, a home with children over 10 years old, as an only dog as he gets attached to his human and feels the need to protect them so this needs to be handled by his family , no cats or other small pets and of course a garden as he enjoys being outside, he currently has a couple of long walks a day which he really enjoys

There is still more training to be done and a commitment by his family with Simon is our priority, he has come on so so far and a wonderful forever sofa will be his dream

He is neutered, microchiped, vaccinated, blood tests with RBU via STAR

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More About Simon

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Gray/Silver/Salt & Pepper - with White
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 5 years 4 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: No
  • Good with dogs: Selective
  • Needs resident dog: Must be an only dog
  • Can live with children: Over 12
  • Adoption Coodinator: Dee Arp

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