Bianca (Steves)

Meet beautiful Steves 💞💞

📍Currently in Brighton,UK

Meet Steves, the 20kg lapdog who quickly adapted to home life since her arrival in February, winning hearts with her friendly nature.

This is what her mom has to say about her. “She’s a real people person and hasn’t met a human yet she didn’t love including men and kids. She’s very popular wherever we go and has several dog sitters who adore her. Steves identifies as a lapdog, despite her 20kg weight! She’s incredibly tactile and loves attention. She has the most beautifully soft coat and velvety ears. Photos don’t quite do her justice – she’s beautiful!

She's well-behaved, easy to train, and overcame fears like car anxiety and water phobia. Steves is quiet, non-destructive, and can be left alone for four hours. She can be lead reactive but has improved with training. She walks beautifully on the lead. Potential owners should continue her socialization and invest time.

Favorite words include “What’s this,” “Find,” and “Sit.” She loves food, people, cuddles, and various activities but dislikes cats, foxes, and lettuce. Steves, despite past health challenges with her hips, is now adventurous and needs a committed family for her ongoing rehab, including controlled diet, hydrotherapy, vet visits, and regular exercises. She's expected to lead a long and happy life.

Ideal for a couple or family home, Steves is a joyous companion and a smaller lab-type dog. The decision to rehome is solely based on her physical needs not aligning with the current lifestyle. Apply if ready for a devoted friend and cherish the joy Steves brings every day.

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More About Bianca (Steves)

  • Sex: Female
  • Colour: Black
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 3 years 9 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: No
  • Good with dogs: Unknown
  • Needs resident dog: Can live with a resident dog or alone
  • Can live with children: Over 12
  • Adoption Coodinator:

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