Harry foster Wolverhampton

Harry is now looking for his forever home , currently in his foster home in Wolverhampton
This is from his foster mum
He is 31/2 year old mix breed. Good on walks. Weaves and pulls to scent but not all the time.
He is ok with children and as an adult dog, any child must be over 10 years old
He is a curious male who has learnt to trust touches on the neck are positive, he was fearful of people touching him around his neck initially.
He barks only for good reasons; needing the toilet, someone at the door or when preparing his food.
He can be a counter surfer but that just means keeping work tops clear. This is from his day as a stray dog in Cyprus and constant re enforcement will be required.
He is fine with most dogs big, small, male and female. Busier in your face dogs he may grumble at, simply to say leave me alone.
Harry is housed trained, can be left for up to 5 hours with other dogs, he travels well in a car,
Unknown with cats, shows interest outside to them, so a cat free home
He does snatch at food, more so if other dogs are around and further training is required.
His favourite thing is 'smelling' and makes a right snorting truffle hunting noise.

Harry needs a family that will continue with his training, and allow him to develop at his own pace.
He can be in a multi dog house, and it will be better with well mannered dogs that also respect his space, or as an only dog.

A lovely secured garden and an active family

The sort of home that Harry needs is one where there can be other dog(s), clear area for his meals (due to the cocker winding him up around meal times), an older family and one that can further his training with the basics but also get him involved with scent work. He will be affectionate to the right owners after time where he can be himself and get to learn about you as a human. He can have one walk a day around 1 hour. I suggest a harness and long line for this or a private field as Harry's recall needs some work.

Harry is vaccinated, microchip, neuter and Brucella Canis Test

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More About Harry foster Wolverhampton

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Black - with White
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 4 years 0 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Unknown
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Can live with a resident dog or alone
  • Can live with children: Over 12
  • Adoption Coodinator: Dee Arp

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