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Sam, in UK Foster in Lincolnshire since April, 10 month old, male, crossbreed, approx. 20kg and is cat friendly.
Sam and his sister Sophie had a sad start in life, at only a few weeks old they were dumped along with their siblings on the side of a busy road in Cyprus, left there to die. Sam and Sophie were the only two puppies that survived. Thankfully they were found but far too young and vulnerable to go into a Shelter so they were taken into private kennels. They flourished in the kennels and were both happy bouncy puppies, beautifully looked after.
Sweet Sam and his sister Sophie then flew to the UK from Cyprus in April and were fostered. Shortly afterwards Sophie was adopted. His little world turned upside down in a flash, they had always been together, the looked out for each other and had always slept and cuddled together, offering each other comfort and reassurance – she was the one constant in his life. After being here for about a month, through no fault of his own he was moved and placed with another foster parent. Although, still missing his sister, especially at night, he settled really well and he has come on in leaps and bounds and is now the happy lad that you can see from the pictures and video’s. He is truly a remarkable and resilient lad, his confidence has grown through the care, love and time that his new foster parents have given him.
He adores doggy company, and he really would prefer to have a playmate with similar energy to his, a sibling for him to love and call them his brother or sister. He is brilliant with all dogs, very sociable and would play all day if he could.
He eagerly awaits his perfect family where he can truly show his loveable personality and continue to thrive in a caring and supportive environment. He really is a lovely boy, a good all-rounder. He has a lot of energy and apart from physical activity he would benefit from mental stimulation as well. His ideal home would have a large garden where he can run off any excess energy a rural area with lots of lovely places to walk and explore.
His foster mum says:
“Sam is a handsome 10 month old, black & tan hound mix from Cyprus, who has been in UK foster since April. He presently weighs 20kg and we expect him to be about 24kg when fully grown.
Although Sam has spent the bulk of his young life in rescue, he has adapted beautifully to home life with his fosters. He is fully house trained, and loves his crate, both for meals and for naps and overnight. He readily goes to it when asked and will often go in for a snooze on his own. Make no mistake, he also adores a sofa, and spends many lazy hours near his humans on his back, legs in the air, softly snoring in dreamland. He enjoys resting under a desk while humans work, lending his love and support.
He knows his name, and his recall is very good for a young dog. He knows the important “off” and “no”, and even “shhhh lay down”. He is learning the finer skills of sit, lay down (outside of his crate), paw, etc. and would need a home with humans ready to continue his training.
He is comfortable wearing both a collar and a harness, and is enjoying his new lead walking skills. Car rides are fine with Sam and he is getting more confident as he rides safely tethered in the back seat, with a nose by the window.
We never know the entire experience of a rescue, and Sam has an initial fear of men, as is often the case. This manifests with a bark and avoidance, but over a period of a few weeks he learns to trust a trustworthy man, and even to give good cuddles. He is not a nervous dog, merely cautious, and never exhibits any aggressive or reactive behaviour. If he is unsure of something, he avoids it until he learns that it is safe. He would initially need to bond with a nurturing female to whom he can depend on for refuge if worried, and his fears of men will soon disappear.
He is a good watch dog, with a respectable bark and an occasional little howl. These will be most impressive when he is grown, and he does stop when asked.
He has been living with both male and female dogs of his size and larger, and he plays with them every day. He has a gentle nature and defers to the senior dogs when they have a lesson to teach him. Sam has been living with a cat, so he will be able to happily share a home with one, and children 10yrs and above could help give him play and affection.
Sam is clever and has a loving, affectionate personality. He just wants to play and please. He could be happy either in a home with other dogs, or also be a wonderful only dog for the right active family with daily walks.
If you feel you could give Sam his forever home he deserves, and let him give you his lifelong devotion, please get in touch”
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More About Sam foster in Boston

  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Brown/Chocolate - with Black
  • Age Group: Young adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 10 months.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Yes
  • Can live with children: Unknown
  • Adoption Coodinator: Mrs Christine Malin

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