Harley - girl 1 Yr old small coonhound mix approx 10 kg - Cyprus

Harley is another sad reminder of the dog neglect situation in Cyprus
Dumped in the mountains with her brother Hunter , they were both lucky enough to make their way into the village of Lefkara where they were fortunate enough to be caught by one of our rescuers , where upon she was taken to the local shelter along with her little brother Hunter

Both babies were so afraid when they first arrived , underweight , covered in ticks , the usual tragic story for dogs in Cyprus .Both were so grateful to be some where safe , both likely never known kindness or a regular meal

After a few days they both warmed up to their environment and rescuer ! Showing their gratitude with uddles of kisses and affection

Harley was a little less confident than her brother .but now she's more than willing to come forwards for fuss
Since arriving , it's clear shes's a very clever little girl ! She will beva pleasure to train .Its clear she was cared for by her brother during their ordeal often he waits until she eats to make sure she doesn't go without , the relationship has been very warming to see

Harley is described as very friendly now she trusts .She's wonderful and sociable with all the other dogs at the shelter

She's is a good girl with cats ! As is her brother so she could live with a cat or two
She 's playful now , with both dogs and humans so we think she'd be well suited to a home with a dog or two .She's sociable in nature , feeling more confident in the company of other dogs
Because of her age , Harley will need training, she's had little leash experience and wouldn't understand the structure of living in a home but we know she will be very willing to learn!
Being food /treat focused, she'll be a pleasure to teach , we have no doubt she'll be a little sponge, soaking up all the new knowledge willingly

Homes with children over 5 yrs old would be suitable She's sometimes puppy like in her behaviours , as a result, she's full of fun at times ! Harley hasn't had a puppyhood so may relive hers once shes become comfortable in a new home .Another playful dog in her new home would be ideal

Her rescuer describes her as a bundle of joy and love who has so much to give ❤️
She's just waiting for the right people to give it to !

Rescue back up by Stronger Together Animal Rescue , a UK registered charity 1168941
Adoption and travel fees apply
Homecheck applies

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More About Harley

  • Sex: Female
  • Colour: Brown/Chocolate - with White
  • Age Group: Young adult
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • Age: 1 year 1 month.

What you should know

  • Can live with cats: Yes
  • Good with dogs: Yes
  • Needs resident dog: Yes
  • Can live with children: Over 5
  • Adoption Coodinator: Nahide Emin-Falk

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